What sets us apart

Bradley Nuttall Nelson is independently owned, specialising in wealth management services.

When you choose to work with a financial practice or planner, we believe that there should be a clear separation between advice given and your ultimate investment recommendations. At Bradley Nuttall Nelson we are free from any vested interests by not having any “in house” investment products or solutions.

We have built our reputation on putting our clients first, partnering with them to achieve their priority personal and financial goals. The ultimate measure of our success is with the achievement of our client’s plans and life choices.

We are remunerated on a “fee for service basis”.

Our market research and advice processes are sourced from around the globe enabling us to develop and employ industry best practices.

“He knows the water best is he who has waded through it” Danish Proverb. Bradley Nuttall Nelson has a wealth of corporate and personal financial industry experience. We employ prudent and robust practices based on experience and combined in tandem with the best academic research available.

Why Choose Us

We are dedicated financial specialists with a wealth of knowledge and motivation to understand our clients and their individual goals. We are committed to protecting and growing your financial position.

  • Valuing our clients

    We use an Individualised approach to financial management, valuing long-term, personalised relationships with our clients.

  • Nobel Prize Winning Approach

    Our approach is based on the insights of Nobel Prize winner Dr Eugene Fama who has shown the benefits of a portfolio that is low cost, widely diversified and developed incorporating dimensions of risk, rather than speculation

  • Track record

    Delivering value to our clients and a track record of sound investment performance and advice that meets client needs and goals.

  • Transparency

    We are regularly in touch with our clients, to ensure they know how their investments are performing and understand the strategy.

  • Experience and knowledge

    With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, our clients have peace of mind that we have the knowledge to help them achieve their financial goals. It’s this, combined with our passion, that sets us apart.

  • Fee Only

    We are independent, fee only advisers, and do not accept commission from any investment we recommend. Any fee rebates that we negotiate are passed directly onto our clients.

Personalised service

Our relationships are built on understanding individual financial and lifestyle aspirations. We want to know our clients and what is important to you, so we can tailor a strategy that fits your goals, priorities, financial position and view on risk. We meet regularly with you to assess performance, review your needs and explore new opportunities.

Corporate Capabilities

Bradley Nuttall Nelson provides a range of consultancy services including, a second opinion to review existing portfolio’s, preparing and reviewing Statements of Investment Policy and Objectives, SIPO’s, and KiwiSaver reviews.